My friend Bug is a vertifiable genius. I’ve known her since one of the first times I ventured into Second Life. We met in an alley, and it went uphill from there.

Bug’s always been a creator of things,  but until recently she didn’t sell stuff. “No, it’s not good enough” she’d say, or make some other excuse. Then when I finally got the land that I’m currently living on, I built her a little store and made it a fait accompli – she had the store, so she had to start selling things.

And sell things she has – thousands of Linden dollar’s worth of latex suits, mostly. But she’s also been selling this:

laser-laser-laser_001.jpgSomthing that I hope I never meet on a dark night.

I’m actually dreading that a client will turn up with one. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop laughing if they do.


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There’s been a lot of talk about how the GPL release of Second Life will affect things for users and developers alike. Uwe Hermann has a nice summary of some of the perceptive and interesting developments so far.

Appfeland is shaped like the Apple logo, and is currently serving as a gathering place for Mac fans to await the Macworld SF coverage. I predict the sim will crash 🙂
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Testing note card crossposting from Bloghud to WordPress on the Linux client.
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