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I haven’t actually posted very much lately – in fact, RL has been getting in the way of SL quite a bit, thanks to an enormous project coming towards its deadline. I’ve got one more day of lots of work, which should be followed by a bit of “kicking back and relaxing” time. The big […]

Making time


We’ve just moved house, which, thanks to BT being a bit rubbish, means that we’re without Internet connection (well, there’s dial up, but that barely counts). “But”, you might ask, “how the hell are you posting if you’re without internet?” Thanks to a kindly neighbour who’s left his WiFi open. It’s a bit flaky – […]

Second Life is, at the moment, pretty much broken. It hits 35,000 users and BOOM, your clothes fall off (not necessarily a bad thing), you can’t teleport, you can’t log off because if you do you won’t be able to log on. And in response to this utter crap, Linden Labs gives us… Voice. Thanks […]

Glam Scum


Clubs in Second Life are largely a lot like clubs in real life: there’s an awful lot of tacky discos believing their own hype. Glam Scum looks like it’s going to be a bit different, thanks to a policy of getting decent DJs (this evening, for example, Ferry Corsten did a set) and a very […]

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