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Warren Ellis is doing interesting things to Integral Bay. Apparently, “the place will be overrun for a little while at the end of the year, so I wanted something a bit more interesting…”. Worth waiting to see! posted by Rebecca Munson on Gibbosa using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink] Advertisements

Sex slaves of the Agni Grid – Second Life Insider An interesting piece about the new wave of dance mats replacing camping chairs, which add an animation to your avatar. Effectively, they’re sex puppets – meat sex puppets. What’s doubly interesting is that there’s already a new wave of avatars who get a sexual thrill […]

Not Ansche herself, but Guni Greenstein. You’d think with all that money he could afford better hair.

There’s an interesting report over at Second Life Herald about the conditions that Linden is placing on both academic use of Second Life and press reports about it. In particular, there’s this condition: Members of the press can write generally about Second Life without following this process. However, if you plan to interview any Second […]