Work and non-work


The first thing that the average new person entering Second Life is concerned with is money, and how to get it. If you have a credit card or PayPal account, the answer is simple: swap some of your hard-earned first life currency for Linden dollars, and head off on a spending spree.

That, of course, is what I did at first, probably spending in the region of $50 getting myself set up and running. But the long term aim for me has always been to make myself financially independent in both worlds, so that I don’t have to transfer money from one to another.

(Note, too, that this could potentially work to my disadvantage in the future, if I start to earn more Second Life currency than first… something that’s not impossible in the long term.)

As in first life, making money in Second Life depends on swapping skills for cash. For many, this means designing items that people want to buy. However, not every skill leads to the creation of tangential objects.

In my case, my skills are all verbal and written. Words are what I’m good at, not fiddling around with vectors and primatives and textures. I can (just about) create simple clothes, but that’s neither madly profitable or all that interesting.

So, with written-language skills rather than design, it seemed obvious from the start that I should become a sex worker. Sex in Second Life is largely textual, still. Animations exist, but it’s the written word skill of the person you’re fucking that brings Second Life sex to life.

Hence, job: Escort.


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