About this blog, and about Second Life


I’ve decided to start a blog that represents my life in Second Life. It’s not the only blog that I own – there are others that have niches and regular readers of their own – and the decision to create a new one was something that I’ve thought about for a long while.

But the first question that raises its head is “who is the ‘I’ that’s posting here?” Who am “I”? Am I the physical, flesh and blood embodiment that sits in front of the keyboard right now? Or am I the  pixels that are currently sitting in  a small Japanese-style tea house on the edge of a rolling ocean, looking out and thinking these thoughts?

The answer is, of course, both. Both are embodiments of my personality, or at least parts of it. Just as there are aspects of my personality that come to the fore in my everyday existence, so too there are aspects that surface more frequently in Second Life.  My sense of humour, my friendliness, my personality in general makes the transition. But Second Life is all about letting yourself be something else, becoming something other, taking the clay of your personality and moulding it differently. It is a constant game of “what if?” What if you were male instead of female, black instead of white, creative instead of a drudge? What if you gave yor desires free reign – would that make you happier, or would it corrode the relationships you build?

Second Life is not an extension of the other world, the world that we live in on a day-to-day basis. That’s the point to it: It is SECOND, not first, not a shadow of the first. That’s why I find it very puzzling when people do what Wagner James Au does, and not only connect their avatars directly to their real life, person, but completely BE that person within game – even down to looking as similar as the 3D architecture allows. The point of Second Life is to be anyone BUT yourself.

That’s why I decided on the first day that I entered Second Life that I would never consciously connect my first life avatar with my second. I won’t put my first life name to my second, and vice versa. There are a few people who know both, but those are pretty rare. Far, far more know one or the other – and because I want to be able to enjoy Second Life free of preconceptions based on my First Life, I’m going to try and keep it that way.


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