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There’s been a massive amount of stuff written about the increase in fees and start up costs for private islands, much of which is a little over the top. However, there’s one question that I think is pertinent: when I can rent a dedicated server with decent amounts of bandwidth for around $200 a month […]

The first thing that the average new person entering Second Life is concerned with is money, and how to get it. If you have a credit card or PayPal account, the answer is simple: swap some of your hard-earned first life currency for Linden dollars, and head off on a spending spree. That, of course, […]



How can you describe a shop that sells gestures based on British comedy? Other that to do an impersonation of the guy out of the Fast Show and shout “BRILLIANT!!!”  posted by Rebecca Munson on Seonggye using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

I’ve decided to start a blog that represents my life in Second Life. It’s not the only blog that I own – there are others that have niches and regular readers of their own – and the decision to create a new one was something that I’ve thought about for a long while. But the […]

I’ve long thought about how Second Life is limited in its creativity. While there are plenty of tools for designers, there is almost nothing for those who’s creativity is about writing, rather than pushing pixels. There are virtually no text creation tool blogHUD, which I’m using to write this, is at least a step in […]

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